Sunday, January 9, 2011

Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles

Packers vs. Eagles: Will Michael Vick and Eagles Be Too Much For the Packers?
The Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles will play the last of four games of this Wild Card Weekend around the NFL, and theirs is quite possibly the most intriguing matchup of the bunch.
Indeed, it's Aaron Rodgers versus Michael Vick, the Green Bay's aggressive defense versus Philadelphia's unmatchable speed, and a rematch of the opening week tilt that unleashed Vick on the rest of the NFL.
As for who will win, well, that depends on a number of things.
Mike Vick is undoubtedly the linchpin for the entire game, as the Packers will be hard pressed to come away with a victory if he's on top of his game. The Vikings provided a useful blueprint for how to handle Vick in Week 16, as they were able to get to Vick using a great assortment of pass rushes.
The Packers have the personnel to do the same, and one suspects that they won't be shy about hitting Vick as much as they please.
If that doesn't work, the good news is that the Packers have the goods on offense to keep pace with the Eagles. This starts and ends with Rodgers, who threw for over 400 yards and accounted for five touchdowns in his first and only playoff start.
On balance, you get the feeling that this one is going to be a barn burner.

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