Friday, December 24, 2010

Pakistan vs Newzealand

Two of the big test playing nations struggling to cope with the pressure at the highest level of international cricket will go head to head for a full fledge series which includes 3 Twenty20 matches, 2 Test matches and 6 matches on One Day Internationa series. Pakistan who are coming into this match on the back of a poor series against South Africa in Abu Dhabi and Dubai while New Zealand had absolutely horrific tour of Sub Continent where they lost all five ODI matches against India while before that they were
 hammered by Bangladesh by 4-0 in home series. And that is something which is a big surprise for many of the new Zealand experts specialy considering hte fact that 2011 World Cup will be in India.

Both the Teams are struggling for form big time at the moment, and current T20 Champions wil be looking to use the Twenty20 Matches to gain some sort of form before the ODI and Test Serie which will prove to be The big aspect of the 2011 World Cup preparation. Many Experts have already discarded both teams as the world Cup contenders and if they have to regain some sort respect among the cricket fertainity before the big event starts they will have to perform well in this Series. Man Pakistani former captains and players are saying that this tour to New Zealand is coming at a very bad time for them, as after playing on those wickets it will be hard to adjust on Local Asians tracks for Pakistan and it is remain to be seen that who will be Captain of the ODI and Test matches.

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