Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nadal, Federer tweak schedules for new season

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are planning to play similar schedules as in past years but have made slight adjustments to their commitments outside the four Grand Slams and eight mandatory Masters Series

Nadal's schedule for next season includes the clay-court event in Barcelona, which he skipped this year to limit wear and tear on his knees. But for the second straight year, the Spaniard will not be playing his once-regular stop in Dubai. He will also not be returning to Bangkok, limiting his fall Asian swing to tournaments in Tokyo and Shanghai.

Nadal has also committed to playing Spain's first-round Davis Cup tie against Belgium, with additional participation dependent on Spain's performance.

Federer, meanwhile, is planning to play Dubai after missing the event this year, but will not be returning to Estoril and Stockholm. He will again be missing the optional Masters Series event in Monte Carlo.

Federer has not, however, indicated his Davis Cup availability. Switzerland dropped out of the World Goup this year after Federer missed both the first round and the playoffs.

Both are maintaining their usual grass-court warmup routines, with Nadal playing Queen's and Federer taking part in Halle, an event with which he has a long-term contract.

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